Cranes and Hoists

Whatever your lifting application the chances are that LINIAN have done it before and fifty years experience combined with a bang up to date understanding of modern engineering principles, materials and techniques guarantees the best and most cost effective hoisting solutions.
Swing Jib Cranes
Different types available, either wall or floor mounted, providing different slew angles between 0° to 360°.
Electric Chain Hoists
Our electric chain hoists are made to the highest standards for enhanced safety and reliability.
Overhead Cranes
A wide range including electric travelling cranes, goliath and semi-goliath, box girder and pneumatic.
Electric Wire Rope Hoists
More suitable for heavy duty loads and extra long lift heights.
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We are especially interested in unusual applications, enjoying the chance to apply our knowledge and skills to solving problems and getting the results you need.

We are not limited to a specific product range; if it can be done then we will do it, whatever the brief.

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A one-stop shop for lifting equipment and hoists

We produce all types and sizes of hoists, cranes and general lifting equipment.

We have a first-class reputation across industries, including aerospace, construction, glass, nuclear, petrochemical, structural engineering, and water.


Years of Experience


Projects Delivered


This is a sample of some of the projects we have carried out for our clients. Whether you are just playing with ideas or are in urgent need of a specific solution we are keen to be involved in your project.

Custom hoist arrangement

LINIAN Special Hoist Arrangement, lowering feed to elephants in a zoo.

Lifestyle solutions

Special 4 Hoist System lifting part of a dance floor to access a swimming pool.


One of two LINIAN Pillar Jib Cranes SWL 1 tonne, having a long reach, in a valve factory.

Articulated jib crane

Wall Mounted Articulated Jib Crane in the joiner’s shop at Westminster Abbey.

Clean room

LINIAN Special EOT Crane SWL 500 kg with gantry in a university clean room.

Special Precision Lifting Frame

Special Precision Lifting Frame incorporating synchronised screw jacks.


LINIAN Twin Hoist Arrangement with lifting bar, lifting and exhibiting tapestries in an art gallery.


We have provided solutions for