With Linian no task is too big or too small. We’re adept at handling all situation, including complicated bespoke requirements. Our gallery highlights some of our most interesting recent installations.

Pillar jib cranes

One of two LINIAN Pillar Jib Cranes SWL 1 tonne, having a long reach, in a valve factory.

OET cranes

2 of 4 No. LINIAN 2 tonne OET Cranes in a new vehicle manufacturing plant.

Overhead cranes

2 of 4 No. LINIAN 2 tonne Cranes in a new vehicle manufacturing plant.

Lifting arrangement

LINIAN Special 4 Point Lifting Arrangement, lifting a cover from a splash pool in a private fitness centre.

Custom hoist arrangement

LINIAN Special Hoist Arrangement, lowering feed to elephants in a zoo, by pre-programmed control.


Travelling crane

An underslung travelling crane with electric hoisting and travelling, in a busy machine shop.

EOT crane

LINIAN Special EOT Crane SWL 500 kg with gantry in a university clean room.

EOT crane with gantry

LINIAN 10 tonne EOT Crane with gantry, in a power generation plant.

Custom hoist system

Special 4 Hoist System lifting part of a dance floor to access a swimming pool.

Food grade hoist

Corrosion Resistant Food Grade Hoist on a stainless steel runway beam, having dual wall mounted controls, in a large ready-meals factory.

Lifting frame

Special LINIAN Twin Hoist Curtain Lifting Frame for the quality control department of a luxury curtain manufacturer.

Articulated jib crane

Special LINIAN Wall Mounted Articulated Jib Crane in the joiner’s shop at Westminster Abbey.

Swing jib crane

LINIAN Pillar Mounted Swing Jib Crane SWL 1 tonne with electric chain hoist in a glass factory.


Twin hoist cranes

Two special LINIAN Twin Hoist Cranes on one common gantry in a processing plant.

Overhead runway beams

Twin Overhead Runway Beams, with supports, galvanised, outdoor at a gas plant.

Rolling beam crane

LINIAN Rolling Beam Crane fitted with a special close headroom electric chain hoist to maximise height of lift available.


Underslung light crane

A free-standing Underslung Light Crane System SWL 500 kg, in a busy workshop, fitted with motorised long travel and electric chain hoist.

Underslung crane

Special Linian underslung cranes.

Cranes with gantry

Two LINIAN Cranes SWL 5 tonne c/w one common supporting gantry supplied and installed in Slovakia.


Special precision frame

Special Precision Lifting Frame incorporating synchronised screw jacks, in a nuclear physics laboratory.

Runway beam structure

A free-standing runway beam structure and electric chain hoist SWL 2 tonne for lifting big bags so the contents can be discharged into a hopper.

Runway beams

Runway beams..

Pillar mounted swing jib crane

LINIAN Pillar Mounted Swing Jib Crane SWL 1 tonne with electric chain hoist in a glass factory.

Hoist arrangement

A special Hoist Arrangement and Lifting Cage on first floor of a funeral director’s.


Big bag lifting gantry & hoist

An explosion proof big bag lifting gantry & hoist in a famous whiskey distillery.

Overhead runway beam

An overhead runway beam and hoist with free-standing supports, platform walkway, steps and handrails, in a gas plant.


Overhead runway beams

Two of three LINIAN Overhead Runway Beams, Hoists and Lifting Frames for big bag lifting at an animal feed manufacturer.