Overhead Cranes

All Linian Overhead Cranes are manufactured to the highest standards for enhanced safety and long term reliability. We also offer to install and maintain the cranes if required.

Remember, LINIAN thrive on problem solving and welcome your enquiries whether at the early stages of playing with ideas or at the urgent stage of project completion.

Whatever your lifting application the chances are that LINIAN have done it before and fifty years experience combined with a bang up to date understanding of modern engineering principles, materials and techniques guarantees the best and most cost effective hoisting solutions.

We also supply (and install if required) the full range of lifting equipment including Jib Cranes, Monorails, Runway Beams, etc.

Types of Overhead Cranes include the following.

Generally the crane comprises of a single or double girder bridge beam which spans the floor area to be served by the crane and the hoist travels along this beam from side to side which is called cross travel (CT).

At each end of the bridge beam there is an end carriage which sits on and travels along a crane rail (or track) from one end of the floor area to the other and this is called long travel (LT).

The crane rails can be supported from an existing building structure or from their own free standing supporting gantry.
Some cranes are top running where the end carriages sit on top of the crane rail and some cranes are under slung where the end carriages run on the underside of the crane rails by bearing on the beam bottom flanges.

Goliath Cranes are an EOTC as above but instead of running on LT crane rails they run on tracks at floor level. A semi-goliath crane, as the name suggests, is a combination of the two types, running on a high level crane rail at one side and on a floor level track at the other side.

Most crane bridge beams are fabricated from universal “I” beam sections but box girder crane bridges are fabricated from steel sheets to form a hollow box section.

Any of the above using pneumatic powered hoisting and travelling functions.

All Cranes are Supplied with Test Certificate, CE Certificate, Operating & Maintenance Manual, Wiring Diagram.