Electric wire rope hoists

All of our hoists are manufactured to the highest standards for enhanced safety and long term reliability. We also install and maintain the hoists if required. Please see our advice notes for guidance in the selection of the right type and size of hoist to suit your particular requirements.

Supplying The Right Electric Wire Rope Hoist For Your Needs

500 kg to 100 tonne — Commonly used in conjunction with travelling cranes. They can be incorporated with standard underslung trolleys, low headroom trolleys, and crab units. A choice of motors can be offered, from single and two speeds and incorporating elaborate speed controls.

What Are The Advantages Of Wire Rope Hoists?
  • Faster lifting speeds
  • More suitable for loads over 5 tonne
  • More suitable for heavy duty use and for extra long lift heights.
  • Offer a wider array of customisation options.
What Are The Advantages Of Chain Hoists?
  • Less expensive
  • Lighter and smaller
  • Require less maintenance
  • Tolerate more abuse
  • Chain can last up to 30 times longer than wire rope
  • More allowance for side pulling
  • True vertical lift
  • Generally more suitable for loads up to 5 tonne at light to medium duty
  • Particularly suitable for use on swing jib cranes
All Hoists are Supplied with Test Certificate, CE Certificate, Operating & Maintenance Manual, Wiring Diagram.