Decades of experience in lifting and handling engineering, combined with a personal approach and attention to detail mean we can offer you a unique advice and consultancy service in all aspects of cranes, hoists, and general lifting equipment including attachments, etc.

We are especially interested in unusual applications, enjoying the chance to apply our knowledge and skills to solving problems and getting the results you need.

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Tel: 01744 736330 (24hr)

Doing Something Different

We are not limited to a specific product range; if it can be done then we will do it, whatever the brief.

For example, we’ve been called upon to design a winch arrangement for raising and lowering the top half of a competition climbing wall, creating a challenging overhang for experienced climbers.

We’ve even designed equipment to feed zoo elephants! A specialist hoist was programmed to operate automatically during the night, raising and lowering the food as a ‘boredom breaker’, encouraging the animals to engage in thought and exercise.

Whether you are just playing with ideas or are in urgent need of a specific solution we are keen to be involved in your project. We are happy to attend your site and survey for requirements or we can work from your sketches or from just a brief overview of the project initially.

In short, we will use our experience and expertise to design and build for you lifting equipment specifically tailored to your particular needs and your budget constraints. Naturally, all our solutions comply with current safety standards and follow engineering best practice.